Agility that delivers measurable results

Aligned support that enables you to scale and sustain your market position and competitive advantage through enterprise agility.

Does this resonate with you?

Do you find it challenging to identify tangible value for the business despite your enormous transformation spend?

Is your strategy misunderstood and barely known across the organisation?

Could your business do with transformation initiatives that drive outputs to deliver strategic outcomes?

You are in the right place

At Agile Metamor46, we help our clients define a crisp and clear strategy that is understood across the organisation; align their execution to strategy; improve the flow of value; measure what matters and gain a competitive advantage through the development of an agile mindset across the organisation.


Working with our clients, we foster effective programme execution and sustainable benefits realisation.


Our Agile Coaches help you develop an agile mindset through a range of proven facilitation techniques.


We offer public and private classes for individuals and groups who want to know how to become truly agile.

Meet Agile Metamor46

Tunde Alabi

Tunde is an Enterprise Agility Consultant with extensive experience in business agility and organisation transformation, achieved through implementation of scaled Lean-Agile and DevOps practices, change and organisational development models. Accomplished at content development, training workshop delivery, coaching of leadership and teams to greater agile maturity levels, resulting in demonstrable improvements in business results (employee engagement, productivity, quality, time-to-market). Adept Level 5 leader who shapes mindsets and behaviours with agile transformations that powerfully and efficaciously impacts the operating culture.

Bunmi Adekeye

Bunmi has a unique mix of 20+ years’ £multi-million global transformation program delivery combined with the implementation of enterprise-wide Lean-Agile practices. Astute at helping organisations align execution to strategy through Lean Portfolio Management (LPM), resulting in the funding, prioritisation and delivery of initiatives that yield the best business value and outcomes with a faster time to market. Proficient at coaching leaders and teams across the enterprise through a variety of methods including training and workshop facilitation to develop an agile mindset then define, measure and achieve what matters most through clear Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). 

Conversations in Agile

We regularly discuss latest agile trends and explore how true business agility improves the flow of value.

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