About Us

Led by Tunde Alabi and Bunmi Adekeye, Agile Metamor46 is astute at helping clients realise measurable business value from their transformation initiatives. We coach our clients to develop an agile mindset and foster enterprise-wide alignment; from Senior Executive to front line teams and back office functions

Our Team

At Agile Metamor46, our Associates have several decades of experience implementing programmes that yield significant business benefits for our clients.  We foster Lean-Agile transformation at scale and facilitate our clients’ transition to enterprise-wide agility through consulting, coaching and training.

Tunde Alabi

Enterprise Agility Consultant

Bunmi Adekeye

Lean Portfolio Management Consultant

Why Choose Us

Faster Time to Market

Significantly increase the flow of value to your customers and your business.

Increased Productivity

Learn how to identify and eliminate waste in your value chain and measure what matters.

Improved Quality

Develop products and services that increase customer delight through discovery, empiricism and iterative learning.

Employee Engagement

Cultivate a workplace where employees would recommend to their friends and family.

These benefits could be yours

Do you want to realise demonstrable improvements across your organisation? Contact us for significantly better time-to-market, productivity, quality and employee engagement.